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cocooncap Replacement Part - BLACK

cocooncap Replacement Part - BLACK

Price (inc. GST)
Price (inc. GST)
$12.95 Sale $5.00

Product Code: CL-1


Product information

The black cocooncap (mouthpiece and lid) fits all our bottles that were manufactured pre 1 December 2012.

The difference between this cocooncap and our current style of cocooncap is the thread.

Available in black only, however the coloured ecococoon lids are available separately.

To confirm which Cocooncap you need just turn your Cocooncap upside down and check for the marking 'PP5'.

  • If you can see the marking 'PP5' you have a new Cocooncap and bottle.  
  • If you do not have this marking you have a pre 2012 Cocooncap and bottle - you can grab a replacement Cocooncap for only $5.

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