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Philosophy / Our Mission

ecococoon’s core mission is about offering a line of unique and quality BPA free drink ware incorporating environmental principles with exciting modern designs, creating a range of stainless steel products that are fun and safe!

ecococoon is so named because of the environmentally friendly stainless steel products, and its ‘cocoon’-like nurturing ethos which maintains a family focus.

Our mission is to provide stainless steel products to nurture and protect like the cocoon does.

‘Consider’, ‘Conserve’, ‘Cocoon’ is the core message of our brand. These beliefs are deeply rooted in the culture of our business, and the operations performed by all of our key partners.

Essentially, we strive to produce the best range of drink bottles and cups for your enjoyment.

Environmental Ethos

Kid Safe/No Toxins

Our Brand

Retro Aesthetic / Blast from the Past