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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 18/8 and 304 stainless steel?

Why use Stainless Steel drink products?

Are ecococoon products recyclable?

Does stainless steel corrode or rust ?

How are ecococoon bottles different to other bottles on the market?

At what age can children start using the bottles?

Is the paint used on the cup or bottle safe for Children ?

How do I clean and care for my ecococoon products?

Is there anything I should know with storing water or liquid in the bottle?

Are the cups and bottles suitable for hot or colds drinks, or other beverages?

Do ecococoon products contain BPA ?

Is the bottle mouthpiece safe for children?

How do I clean my bottle or cup cuddlers?

Is it safe to use my dishwasher to clean my bottle or cup?

Protecting the paint from peeling or flaking

How do I adjust the flow on my bottle?