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Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Any promotions/sales etc offered by ecococoon on the website are not available/applicable to Wholesalers.

Customers who log on to our wholesale e-commerce site are subject to these additional ‘Wholesale Terms and Conditions’, as outlined below:

ecococoon is currently undertaking updates to the Existing Wholesale Login.

All Orders should be emailed to This is to ensures we can provide you with accurate inventory levels and shipping options.

Wholesale Login User Name and Password

If you are provided information including user name and password to access our wholesale login, you must keep that information strictly confidential, and you must not disclose it to any other person, or permit another person from accessing our wholesale information. Please allow up to 5 working days for your application for an online wholesale account to be assessed by us. Once your application has been approved, you will be notified via email by our team, and granted permission to access our wholesale price list.

Selling of ecococoon Products

ecococoon approve new and existing Wholesalers for selling of our products in retail outlets/shop fronts and online business websites.  We do not approve wholesalers to sell our products on other ecommerce sites/online stores eg: EBay, Amazon, Alibaba or similar. Selling on these types of ecommerce sites may result in automatic cancellation of wholesale account. Minimum Orders & Payment Terms – New Trade Customers A minimum order of $500.00 (includes GST) applies for your first order. Minimum order value excludes applicable shipping and handling charges, import duties and taxes. Your orders will be paid upfront (‘Proforma’) by means of Paypal (Credit/Debit Card) or EFT.

Minimum Orders & Payment Terms – Existing and Ongoing Trade Customers

After 3 months from your initial purchase, you may apply for a Trading Account.

Trading Account Form Trading Account Form (254 KB)

This means you will be able to pay for your goods after the approved term from date of purchase. Eligibility for a trading account remans strictly up to the discretion of ecococoon, and subject to you completing a Trading Account Form.
Our account terms are strictly on the approved net term from date of invoice. Failure to adhere to these terms will result in your Trading Account reverting back to ‘Proforma’ status. Please allow up to 5 working days for your Trading Account to be assessed. Upon approval you will be notified by our team via email and your Trade Account will be confirmed so you can purchase goods without payment in advance. Proforma and Trade Account Customers who re-order ecococoon products will be subject to a minimum re-order value of $250.00 (includes GST). Minimum order value excludes applicable shipping and handling charges, import duties, and taxes.

Please note that, at this stage, our online wholesale system does not enable you to purchase goods on a trading account. Trade Account Customers will be required to place ongoing order using our Product Order Form and emailing this to us via

If you require assistance in placing your order, please contact our office on 07 3374 3604. Ongoing orders can be paid by means of PayPal (Credit/Debit Card) or EFT.

Credit Limits.

Upon receiving confirmation of a Trading Account, you will be assigned a credit limit of $1,000 (includes GST) during the first 3 months of trade with us. After this period, you may be eligible for an increase to your limit of up to $2,000 (includes GST) subject to your account being paid in full at the time of your limit increase. To apply for a credit increase, please contact our office during normal business hours, and allow up to 5 working days for your request to be assessed and approved. Please note that a maximum credit limit of $2,000 (includes GST) will apply. The new credit limit will be strictly governed by your prompt payment history, historical purchase volumes, and your ability to pay your account in full by the due date. Failure to strictly adhere to our terms will result in your account reverting back to ‘Proforma’ status. Wholesale Shipping and Handling The wholesale shipping and handling page can be found here.